Behind the name

Ladies And Gentlemen,
My name is Matija Vuri, the creator of Ladies and Gentlemen Weddings.My career path started way back in 2007. when i got my first camera. What more can i say then it was love at first shot! 🙂

In a while I became aware of the fact photography is not only my hobby; moreover I see it as my future profession.
In 2010 the door opened for me in ‘’Art Studio’’ under the supervision of Robert Balaško. For the next 5 years I have had a chance to increase my knowledge on an international level, therefore to improve in all types of photography.
In 2015 I start pursuing a career on my own and as a result
‘’Ladies and Gentlemen Weddings’’ has been founded.I dedicated myself to further improve my skills and I would be honored to transfer my knowledge and experience into any of your projects.

We are a proud member of Junebug Weddings and OnceWed community.
I am looking forward to collaborate with you!
Best regards,


Matija Vuri
Based in Zagreb, Croatia
Full time professional photographer since 2009.
World traveller with wedding experience in 25 different countries
Ready to travel for and to you wherever on this planet and beyond 🙂