Frequently Asked Questions

• What is your delivery time?

I assure you that i deliver the pictures in the 60 days time frame after wedding/last photoshoot. But this is the maximum, i tend to deliver you the pictures as soon as possible.

• What is the reservation process?

We accept bookings max two years up front. For securing your date, you need a contract and deposit payment via PayPal or Bank transfer.

• What is a Wedding Book?

The Wedding Book is a hand made album with a unique design that includes real flowers in the covers. We recommend the size 20x27cm but you can choose any other dimension. You can even choose the type of flowers for the cover, there is a possibility to use the flowers from your original wedding bouquet.

• Whats your travel limit?

I can travel for and to you wherever you are without limitations.

• Do you work alone?

Yes but you can book additional photographers for bigger events or for special services like Same Day Edit slideshows, multiple location events...
Sometimes i have an assistant with me.